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eYeka community x Leopalace21 : the 2nd year of collaboration and the amazing outputs!

By kajeeporntechataveekijkul on February 17, 2017 11:00 Success Story 0

Dear our beloved eYeka community

This is the 2nd time eYeka community and Leopalace21, a leading innovator in apartment rentals in Asia, has done this co-creation project together. After the first project in 2015 with amazing result, Leopalace21 came back to us in a year after with an interesting challenge for the community. This time they asked the community to create a funny, entertaining and emotionally engaging video that shows how a young person’s life changes after they start living on their own rooms.

In 35 days, 38 videos flew in from 12 countries to join Leopalace21 video contest. 3 winners were selected and their amazing videos were featured on Leopalace21 website! Well done, guys!

Let us introduce the winners and their captivating videos to you.

First prize: “Boy Jupiter” – wesleyhchew (Canada)

Thank you Leopalace 21 and eYeka, this was my 
first attempt at a video contest but certainly not my last!

Leopalace21’s comment:

A story, about mistakes more likely to happen to young people who just started a new life, and making a friend who has common interests in neighborhood, is dramatically drawn and attracting the viewer's heart. It’s also wonderful that the story has events of hopes happening inside of the room.


Second prize: “Dear Mom” – victorjng (Spain)

Wow! I can´t believe I won the second prize in this contest!! This is my third win here in Eyeka. I´ve participated in so many contests and I´ve been shortlisted in so many of them but not winning. 

I gotta say that sometimes I wanted to give up because is not easy to win and I thought this was not for me.At the end I thought: This is what I love and I´m not doing this for the money, i want to get better and do better videos, I want to do this and I do not care if I don´t win, I have to enjoy the journey.

This is what I did and I keep on doing videos, trying to do better things and now I won!! This is just a message for the people, because I´ve been down a lot of times and I know what it feels. 

But you have to work and to fight for what you love no matter what!!! If you win is awesome for sure and that gives you a lot of condifence, and the money is great too, but if you do not win, don´t worry! Enjoy yourself doing what you love and do it with your heart. Soon or later you will get what you want if you fight for it!

Thanks Eyeka for giving us a lot of opportunities to participate in endless contests. Is amazing for us to have the chance to do this and try to do great content for a lot of important brands. 

Thanks to Leopalace to choose my video as the second winner, and for the others winners and not winners, you create awesome videos!

Cheers for everyone! And remember to keep on fighting for what you love!

Leopalace21’s comment:

Her expressions and cuts express freedom and happiness which spread by starting living by herself and the meaning of starting a new life.

At the same time, the message to her mother, phone call to her sister expresses family ties.


Third prize: “Leopalace Territory” – hervecarton (France)

I am very happy to be on the podium! I was waiting for an animation contest since a long time and this one was pretty inspiring. It was fun to remember the time of my installation in my first apartment... Thanks to the Eyeka's team and Happy New Year 2017 to all!

Leopalace21’s comment: 

The originality of the idea, expressing starting a new life with what dogs come in to a new room is interesting, and also the story of confusion and depression becomes energetic is drawn carefully with animation which is very high quality.


Two other impressive videos are featured on Leopalace21's website as well!

“Find your freedom” – miguelangelgm (Spain)

“Oh shit!” - Gloria_Kurnik (UK)


We hope these wonderful videos and awesome creators have inspired you to the max! Such a great start for 2017, isn’t it? Look forward to see more entries been featured by our clients this year as well!

Keep up your amazing work, guys!

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Watch eYeka’s Community’s Videos About Young People Living Alone - Leopalace21 video contest

By Charlene Ho on January 28, 2016 14:49 Success Story 0


Dear eYeka,

What does living alone mean to you?  In October 2015, Leopalace21, a leading innovator in apartment rentals in Asia,  invited eYeka’s community to share their exciting and joyful stories of living alone.

In 42 days, 44 videos flew in from 22 countries to join Leopalace21 video contest.  3 winners were selected and their amazing videos were featured on Leopalace21 website! This was actually the first eYeka contest for both first and second winners and they have impressed Leopalace21 with their creativity!  Well done!

Let us introduce the winners and their captivating videos to you.

First prize: “My rules” – dmitrydurnitsky (Ukraine)

Leopalace21’s comment:

Power of decision for laying out of the room in the family does not lie in the hands of children, but their parents.  This video has a great metaphorical expression of the freedom children get when they have their own separate home.

 Second prize: "Leopalace" – perfectart (US)

Leopalace21’s comment:

We are deeply fascinated by the story and beautiful edits with just a simple sound. While listening to the sound, the video has showed motivation of starting a new life, the loneliness and happiness of living by yourself.

Third prize : “How to pretend that you’re a nice child ?” – RobinFrolet (France)

Leopalace21’s comment:

Everyone has experienced degeneration in life quality when they start living by themselves.  It seems overplayed but the expression is interesting.  Impressed with the unique style of edit from various camera angles.  Plus the story was told through the eyes of a mother and the expression was brilliant.

Two other impressive videos are featured on Leopalace21's website as well!

“A first apartment for first memories” – Slorkblum (France)

“21 things to do when you are home alone” – niwina (Madagascar)

We hope these wonderful videos and awesome creators have inspired you to the max!  

Look forward to see more entries been featured by our clients in 2016!

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Help Cancer Patients contest featured on Shionogi website!

By Aldrich Tjahjadi on August 12, 2015 06:38 Success Story 0

 Help Cancer Patients
Hello eYeka! Remember Help Cancer Patients contest? A meaningful contest to encourage cancer patients in Japan to share their pain in order to get better treatment. There were many inspiring stories for this contest and we are very thankful for all your wonderful videos. Our client, Shionogi was so delighted with your submissions that they created a website to showcase the winners and some of the best videos here. (the website is in Japanese but trust us that they are all raving good things about your awesome works!).
Here's the feedback from the Shionogi team:
First, let us express our deep appreciation to many creators who participated to our contest. As the theme of the contest, sending a message to cancer patients, was challenging and we did not have any information on entries until the closing date of the contest, we were uncertain whether many creators would participate, and what kind of entries would be submitted. After closing the contest, we are truly delighted to find many high quality and excellent works that blows away our anxiety. We watched all the entries over and over to screen winners. There were many comments and it was extremely difficult to select top three entries. Unfortunately, there were many great entries that were highly evaluated by the Screening Committee besides winners. We will utilize submitted works for our activation to achieve our objective aiming “cancer patients to be released from pain.” Again, thank you very much to all of you who participated to the contest. 
Now, let us see the winning videos!
"Be brave to tell"- 1st Prize - Exeas (Lithuania)
Client comment:
Congratulations on winning the first place. Among many excellent works, your work was significantly impactful. This work ensures to deliver “brave spirit to communicate pains” via unique characters with smooth music. Thank you very much for presenting your fantastic work. 
"Honest Answers"- 2nd Prize - dreamcatcher (United States)
Client comment:
Congratulations on winning the second place. Your work is filled with warmth, and it is impressive conveying the message that cancer patients enduring pain could finally communicate his pain with a help of his granddaughter! Thank you very much for presenting your excellent work. 
"Now, I can do it"- 3rd Prize - daniel_t (France)
Client comment:
Congratulations on winning the third place. There are patients who cannot talk about pain and suffer and endure from not being able to do things. We believe your work addresses “importance to communicate” to those patients. Tender smile during a nap is very charming. This work should encourage us to keep saying “Now, I can do it!” Thank you very much for presenting us your excellent work. 
Thanks all for doing your part to help the cancer patients in Japan. They really appreciate you. Till next time.
Stay awesome!

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Success story for Oxy contest!

By Aldrich Tjahjadi on December 02, 2013 02:52 Success Story 0

Oxy big banner

  Hi eYeka, We have another great success story to share with you about your creation! Just 5 months ago, we organized the Oxy contest, whereby we asked you to create a video / animation about Oxy facial wash for men to show teenage guys how “the amazing foam” gives them the ultimate refreshing feeling. Your entries went before eYeka and is now featured at Oxy website (you can use google translation for the website since it is in Japanese) and Oxy YouTube channel. Well done creators! The website features the success story of the Oxy contest including the jist of the contest, the winners entries and some comments from both Oxy and eYeka. Yuko Nakajima, together with Gen Nimiya and Sakura Tanaka, are one of the winning team for this contest and they come from none other than Japan itself, the origin on Oxy. They are students at Digital Hollywood.  


  Here are some comments from them about winning the contest:
We are students of Digital Hollywood in Japan and we study 3D computer graphics. This is the first eYeka contest we took part as part of the challenge given by our school. For our video, we tried to express that the sense of exhilaration can be felt throughout simple everyday tasks. We were very surprised by our win because we did not expect our video to win a prize. We're happy that our own work is well-received by many people and we are inspired to share more of our works to the world!
Thank you for all who have participated in Oxy contest. You have made another success story in eYeka. Well done! Here's the video from team Yuko which has won the third prize for this contest. Hope you like it and we'll see you in our upcoming eYeka contests! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yOHsZlRf10A  

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You made Coke MORE refreshing!

By Aldrich Tjahjadi on November 18, 2013 08:30 Success Story 0

coke refreshing

Hello eYeka, Last year we asked you to unleash your creativity by showing us how you can interpret Coca-Cola as an energizing refreshment in whatever style or format you like. Your works are indeed engaging, dynamic and inspirational, bursting with creative energy! In 3 months, we received 2,547 entries from 72 countries expressing very fresh, diverse interpretations of "energizing refreshment".  The project generated worldwide buzz with over 6 million online mentions with 92% cost saving efficiencies. Internally, Coca-Cola saw a 100% adoption of the creative materials from eYeka instead of the average of 47% from other projects. Externally, several creative ideas produced by eYeka members achieved top 10% of all-time best ads in markets such as Indonesia and the Philippines. Sounds awesome? Yes, you are indeed awesome!

"The quality surpassed our expectations. It has had a ripple effect in our organization in the way we access fresh ideas." - Leonardo O'Grady, IMC Director of Coca-Cola.

Thank you all for being the awesome creators who impressed even Coca-cola, the leading beverage company in the world. Keep creating, keep impressing!   Watch the full coverage of this Coca-Cola case study here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HyLh9jwVCGs&list=PL731DBF5218D65C7A

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