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By Mikhail Kachakhidze on April 04, 2007 15:20 Products And Features 0

Great news! We have a new and improved Home Page: We give greater emphasis to Promising Authors and better access for Image Buyers who can go straight to the information they need. Several new RSS feeds allow you to have instant access to your favourite sections: new pix and videos, best rated, etc... Learn more on Eyeka's "feeds page" We need your feedback about the site. Express yourself!

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Updates on a few features

By Mikhail Kachakhidze on March 03, 2007 15:15 Products And Features 0

We eventually launched the public website which is from now on viewable by anyone. The home-page presents our featured artists and best partners, so they can promote their videos and photos more easily. The player has a better compression, which means basically that the image's quality is much better. We are glad to present you the Voyage channel. If you enjoy shooting videos and taking pictures during your trips, don't hesistate to post it on this channel. Check it out to learn more about the submission call.

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