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eYeka Portfolio Showcase Awards 2010 - Week One Winners

By Amelia Apsari on July 01, 2010 04:26 Products And Features 0

It's only been a week since the contest for China, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan started and we already received a steady stream of entries ranging from Photographs, Graphic Design, Illustration and Animations. We witnessed exceptional talents which of course, didn't make the judging any easier but decisions have to be made! Week one's winners are... Photographer of the Week (1,500 RMB) - SmallD, 22 years old, Guangzhou, China



Jury's Comment:

SmallD's works are so surreal, each photograph is like a scene from a dream. Photography has two purpose, to either depict reality or to make up a fantasy. SmallD successfully captures the latter.

>> Graphic Design/Illustrator of the Week (1500 RMB) - flysnail76, 20 years old, Beijing, China


Jury's Comment:

Snail76's illustrations are complex yet simple at the same time. The aggressive details and outlines balance the soft touch of watercolours.

>> Video Maker/Animator of the Week (Prize: 2,000 RMB) - kim227, 23 years old, Beijing, China


See the video here.

Jury's comment:
Kim227's work is such a delight to see. It showcases brimming creativity in imagining different people in absurd situations
Congratulations to this week's winners! Be sure to continue uploading your works for a chance to win the 2nd week prize! Also, for photographers, designers and illustrators, you must submit at least 3 works to qualify for the prize. For video and animation, we really hope you'd submit at least two works as this will help us judge your skills better. Looking forward to seeing more talents from China, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan. Let's get creative!

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Groovy Certificates from iris Awarded to the eYeka Community!

By Amelia Apsari on March 11, 2010 10:00 Products And Features 0

These were awarded to all finalists in iris' "Be Better" Photography and Design competition! Lovely. Find out more about the previous competition here!

iris Certificate

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Iris Winner Shares Experience

By Amelia Apsari on January 11, 2010 05:25 Products And Features 0

We had a little chat with iris Be Better winner, Tom Gregory (TomG). Read what this nice and humble chap has to share about his participation and eventual win! We asked him: What was your motivation in participating and how do you feel about winning?

"I've been unemployed for a while now, and have been entering design contests to help develop my portfolio. Also to gain some exposure in the creative industry. To have my work viewed and judged by a top agency, such as iris, was a great opportunity, that I had to be a part of.

Having my work selected as the winner is a great honour. There were so many strong entries. I'd just like to thank Eyeka, Iris, and Adidas for their parts in the competition.

The prizes are fantastic. Everything looks, and fits great. It was nice to meet Romi (iris) and get to say thank you in person. Also to see where my work would be hanging. Thanks again to yourself and Lyna (eYeka) for your time in organising in all this." - Tom

Congratulations Tom and thanks again for sharing with us your creativity and insights. We can't wait to see more of your works.

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eYeka Member to Represent His Country at the Cannes Lions Awards!

By Amelia Apsari on December 14, 2009 04:01 Products And Features 0

After Jing Quek's Advertising Hall of Fame Awards win last month, another eYeka member has been recognized! This time, it's eYeka member Tung Le Thanh (khidai), declared as Vietnam's official representative to the Cannes Young Lions competition to be held in France, mid-2010.  Tung and his partner beat nine other teams in the Film Category to win the right to represent their country and compete with other national winners from around the globe. Cannes Lions is considered to be the most prestigious and highly sought-after advertising award in the world!

Picture 20

Picture 19


Congratulations Tung! The eYeka community will be cheering you on, bravo! We'll provide a link to his winning entry as soon as it's available, so do check back soon!

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You've been waiting for it...and it has arrived!

By Mikhail Kachakhidze on July 21, 2009 13:30 Products And Features 0

What?....... Eyeka's new voting system of course! ;-) The stars system with its "postive" or "negative" votes ( less than 3 stars who would devaluate the contents ) is gone, and is now replaced by the "Thumbs up" If you like it, click it! it's as simple as that ;-)

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