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Connect with you social network and let’s discuss!

By Margherita Bonomi on October 13, 2011 10:34 Community Life 0

Dear all, We are very happy to welcome you to the new eYeka community! Two days ago we have released new features for our community members, to help you better interact with us, to support you more in our contests, and to encourage you to interact with the other eYeka creators. First of all, we have integrated your eYeka login with your favourite social networks. This means that you can now connect to eYeka using your Facebook, Twitter, Google + (and many more!) accounts and be able to comment and post at the same time in all your favourite social platforms. ;-) HOW DOES IT LOOK LIKE? Login to eYeka website and you will see the icons of your favourite social networks at the bottom of the login box:


For some of the networks, you will first need to link your account with eYeka, but this only needs to be done once. Once you are logged in, you can link any of your existing social accounts to your eYeka account. Social Network Preferences HOW DO YOU DO IT? Go to ‘My Account’ section of ‘My eYeka’ page. Under ‘My Preferences’, you will see a list of all the available social networks. From there you can easily link/unlink accounts. This will enable you to share what you are up to on eYeka with the rest of your friends in all your networks.

My Preferences

LET’S TALK ABOUT OUR CONTESTS! We understand how you would like to be able to share your ideas about a contest, and also discuss with fellow eYeka creators. We hear you! You can now discuss both with us and other creators, about the contest you are participating in. You only need to click on the Discuss tab in the contest page.

Discuss tab

It is a real forum open for all of you who have enrolled in the contest. In this page you are allowed to: talk about the contest, discuss and post questions about the brief, ask for additional information on the entry requirements etc...

Discussion tab_2

Of course it is also the place where you can make your suggestions to us and/or your queries. We may also answer your queries there, so other creators who have the same issues will be able to find the answers they are looking for right away! :-) We want to be closer to you and support you at every stage of your submission and we have thought it may be useful for you to have some feedback on a specific contest from the other creators. You can reply to any question and “spread the word” on your social networks, if you feel like it. All the contests translated in different languages will have their own discussion pages in the respective languages, so you will be able to talk and to meet with creators speaking your mother tongue! THIS IS ONLY THE BEGINNING, LET US CO-CREATE THE REST! Going forward, you can expect us to come up with even more ways for you to interact, share your ideas and creations, in short feel you are part of a vibrant community. We are working hard to make your eYeka experience more enjoyable. Should you have any question, idea for improvement, feedback of any kind, then say so! From the Support tab on the left-hand side of your screen, simply click ‘Give feedback’. Please do let us know how you feel about it! We’d love to hear from you! :-)

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You and eYeka: Community Survey Feedback

By Atanas Nalbantov on May 03, 2011 10:44 Community Life 0

Hello fellow eYeka members,

Last March, we asked you to answer a bunch of questions about you, the opinion you have on eYeka and the things you’d like to see evolve on the platform. Nearly 400 of you made it through the whole questionnaire, and we’d really like to thank you all for that! (of course, we also read and took into consideration the remarks of those who weren’t as patient ;-) ) Here’s a short summary of what you told us and some info about what we are planning to improve in the future!

It was the first time we ran a global survey, and we got responses from all over the world: the United States, China, Indonesia, the United Kingdom and France were among the most represented countries. The answers you gave us were very insightful: While some of you don’t like the concept of private call-for-entries that much, others ask for more selective contests... You should know that we always advise our clients to launch branded and public call-for-entries, but sometimes, for confidentiality reasons, they still prefer to run them anonymously.


Another matter that often came up is that you would like to get much more feedback on your submitted media and on jurys’ selected winners! You’d like to know more about jurys’ rationale and we totally understand your point! You’ve been working hard on a submission and the least that you expect from us is to provide you with timely feedback. We heard your claim and we’re pleased to inform you, this is now one of our top priorities!

But communication should flow both ways and we believe that a one time community survey is not enough to gather all the great ideas you may have about eYeka’s improvement opportunities. We love hearing from you and we’re currently working on finding ways to offer you more efficient tools to have a say in how our platform may evolve.

Also did you notice that the community reached 150.000 members?! To celebrate this new milestone we made an infographic about the state of the community: hopefully you will find it entertaining as well as educative. Draw conclusions from it and later on implement them in your creations to navigate on the shortcut to prize-winning. Knowledge is power, and power is key to success!


How do you feel about it? Is this how you would have imagined the community? Do you find yourself in these statistics? What do you think of our survey feedback? Are we missing some important concerns? Please go ahead and write on if we do! We are here to assist you with anything you might be wondering about so feel at ease to ask us anything!

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