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Introducing the new eYeka

By Ekaterina Pashina on September 13, 2013 08:32 Community Life 0

Dear Creators, Today we're delighted to announce the preview release of the new version of eYeka.com. For the moment this beta version is available only in English (access at en.eyeka.com), we will add additional languages as we go.

large (1)

With this preview, we focused on the core features only: create an account, pick a contest, participate, upload your entry and read the winners announcements. We know that you connect in many different ways (smartphones, tablets, laptops, etc.), so we have created a responsive website which you can enjoy from all your devices. We kept it as simple as possible, to make your experience a pleasant one. This is only the beginning, and we are sharing this preview with you today to understand what matters to you most so we can add it to the next releases! The support tab found on the header is for you to send us your feedback. Please provide a screenshot or URL of the page where you find something wrong and let us know what you would like to add/remove. Help us make the new eYeka.com the place where you can grow and connect with brands. The eYeka Team http://en.eyeka.com  

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Ciao people!

By Margherita Bonomi on November 27, 2012 08:27 Community Life 0

Dear creators, eYeka community, friends, It is with great sadness that I have to say goodbye to you today, it's goodbye-eYeka-time for me. The moment came to go out there and look for new opportunities and new (creative) adventures, and I feel it's going to be good :-D I would like to take the opportunity to thank you all for your great creations, media, comments, complaints and more loving feedback I got, it has been indubitably the best part of the job :-D Unfortunately I only personally met some of you, the very few creators who made it to our HQ in Paris, but I feel like I have known some of you personally too, after all the email exchanges we had. It has been a great pleasure to talk with you, to be part of the Community Managers team and to support you in every step of the creative process. I have learned many things, I laughed a lot at many of your funny works, I loved some and found real creativity and poetry in others, so please keep up the awesome work! Be assured that your team of Community Managers is always trying to make thing work better for you, so now that I won't be here anymore, it will be my colleague's pleasure to get your feedback, see your media and talk with you, they are very loving people so treat them well :-) I'll keep looking at the website to see some the crazy stuff you people are up to; to all the ones I could not send a personal message please forgive me, you are too many and I did not have enough time :-( Please remember that eYeka is made of real people, who do care for you and who listen, so if there is anything you feel like sharing with them, just do it! Sharing is caring <3 All the best of the best, keep in touch and stay cool! Marghe PS. Per i miei cari amici connazionali forza e coraggio!! Grazie di tutto e stiamo in contatto, a presto un abbraccio.

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We love Markus Strasser's world!

By Daniella Franco on October 22, 2012 08:46 Community Life 0

Hello, everyone! We are here almost every day sharing news about our contests, the results, giving your tips, etc… but today we have a very special new about one of ours creators triumph. Maybe you already knew the musician Markus Strasser a.k.a MSTR from our contests. To refresh your memory, he won the 1st prize of  “What do you like in the world?” contest last year with a great video and song “I like the World”. So, guess what? Markus Strasser released an album with his winning song and, of course, other great tracks that you can listen clicking here. We were so happy with this great news that we couldn’t wait to share it with you. And, better than that, Markus Strasser gave us an interview talking about his experience as a musician, the album "Markus Strasser and Friends" and his participations in eYeka’s contests. Check it out! eYeka - Can you tell us a little bit about you and your career as a musician? MSTR - I am 33 years old and I teach music instruments. I write songs and I produce them in my little recording studio at home. As a hobby I sometimes make videos. eYeka - When and how have you started participating in eYeka’s contests? MSTR - I don’t remember, but I made several videos for eYeka. The “We like the World” contest was the first that I won.   eYeka - Do you remember how was the decision of participating in “We Like the World” contest last year? MSTR - I remember that it was a contest with a beneficial background and that caught my interest. eYeka -  How was the process of composing, singing the music? How was it born? MSTR - I sat down thinking about what could make people “like the world”. I guess I wrote a list and put the words into verses. I looked for a simple melody that might stay in the listener’s ear and the idea was born. Once I am inspired I can work very fast. I think it took me only 3 days from the first idea to the recorded song and the finished video.   eYeka - Did you have any kind of feeling that you would won the contest with your work? MSTR - I had no idea that my video would be accepted in such a wonderful way. I saw some other videos and did not think that I could win. The highest pleasure to me is when I can involve an idea into a product, so watching the finished video for the first time was a highlight for me. Winning the contest was a wonderful present, especially because it was a beneficial contest. I have always been in touch with Frederic, the creator of the contest, since then. eYeka - What about the video making: who are the people in the video and how was it done? MSTR - The people in the video are friends and family of mine. I drove around one afternoon and videotaped my friends wherever they were in that moment :) eYeka - From winning the contest until the releasing the CD… what happened? How one thing lead to another? MSTR - The song “I like the world” was actually the beginning of recording a CD with friends. More than one year later now, I just released my album “Markus Strasser and Friends” with more than 50 guest musicians from my area. And we also rerecorded a video for the new version of “I like the world” which was also filmed in a SOS-Kinderdorf in Bethlehem, Palestine, which I am very proud of. I’d like to show in this video how we may live in different places with different cultures, but we’re all from the same origin – human beings. I’d love to connect people around the world with my work. This would be the highest gift for me as a musician, to be able to spread peace and understanding. We also call for charity with the new video, to help our friends in Palestine to develop their social and educational work. Here is our new video of “I like the world”: eYeka – What is the worst and best part of a musician job? MSTR - For me it´s not hard work, I love producing music, but I need to be inspired. The best part for me as a musician is to create and produce music, the worst I guess is the payment! ;-)   eYeka - After the album release, do you have some gigs in your plans? MSTR - I don’t consider myself as a live musician. But after one year working on my CD and missing all the fine video contests on eYeka, I’ll need some time to recover, then I’ll see what I’m up to after a little break. eYeka - What is the feeling of releasing your album? MSTR - My sensation is that I made this album happen. Bringing 50 musicians together and connecting musicians, having created such great recordings gives me a very deep and thankful satisfaction.   eYeka - And what are your plans as a musician to the future? Will continue participating in eYeka’s contests? MSTR - Oh, for sure. If the time is available, I´d love to participate. But first, I´ll finish my promotion for the CD and then I´ll have a little break from being creative (let´s say… one week! Hehe) eYeka - Would you like to leave a message to eYeka’s creators? MSTR - I guess, the main reason for being creative should be your very own satisfaction and not the winning. If you focus too much on winning or compliments, you might get frustrated. You need to find your very own gap where you can be creative. We, as creative people and artists, are the very few people left, who can touch other people’s soul. This is our duty to “say” something, this is, what art is all about, in my opinion. Thank you all so much for your time to read my thoughts! Thanks eYeka for your interest in my work and my developments with my song. Thank you so much, Markus, for this great interview and for sharing this victory with us. eYeka is very proud to count to have a great creator as you in our community! We wish you a big success and we hope your music will touch everyone's heart as it touched ours! :)  

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A Thank You Video from Microsoft

By Margherita Bonomi on December 23, 2011 09:29 Community Life 0

Hello everyone, We have a little surprise for all of you who have taken a part in our recent Microsoft Family contest.

What is it?? Well, Microsoft LOVES all of your entries! Yes, they find them emotionally touching and well executed. Therefore, to thank all of you guys, Microsoft has created a Thank You video especially for you! You can watch it here:

We love the video, and we hope you do so, too! It’s really nice, isn’t it? ;) Oh, and also, do have a look at the currently running Microsoft Family ads below. They are very nicely done and the stories are pretty funny. Do take a little bit of your time to watch them :D  

Interesting, isn’t it? Once again, a BIG THANKS to each and everyone of you! You have done such a great work and well, you've seen it by yourself, Microsoft totally loves them all. Stay creative and keep up the good work! :D

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Your contribution to our survey was awesome!

By Margherita Bonomi on November 30, 2011 18:07 Community Life 0

Hello fellow community members, Earlier this year, some of you participated in a call-for-entries called “How Would You Shop in 2020?”, which was displayed both on eYeka.com and on eYeka.asia. First your creations were all hidden, but since some of you were curious to see other creatives’ entries and the client allowed it, they are now available for everyone to see. The content that you submitted was so interesting that a student from Serbia, Miona, wanted to find out more about the community and the creative ideas that you come up with. As she says, “The reason why eYeka has been [approached] is the fact that eYeka regroups creative consumers from around the world”. She just shared her work with us, and we wanted to share some excerpts with you. Upload tab This image above for exaple, is part of a creation from xgeroimo a creator from Germany. It has triggered lots of discussion: will price tags be influenced by consumers’ likes on facebook? Will facebook credits allow us to buy soda in the future? If you want to know more about the creations for this contest in click here for media on the European platform and here for the media submitted on the Asian platform. Miona was interested in the fact that “Through participating in the eYeka contest, [creatives] express themselves on a retail subject”. Her field of interest is retail indeed, and she found out that your creations were very forward-thinking and well-illustrated. She indeed found out that “The main difference between creative and ‘normal’ consumers […] is that creative ones have proposed solutions not only of better efficiency for retailers [but also] pointed at some elements that fulfill needs other than functionality, needs which are more social or curiosity-, sense- and experience-driven”. What was interesting in the community’s contributions was that “Interactivity exists between touchscreens, shopping carts, mobile, TV and online. Many of eYeka’ creatives wanted to be liberated from wasting time on paying for the process”, which leads her to say that “All of the tendencies in contemporary retailing have started to appear nowadays but not at the level of development and interconnectivity imagined by eYeka creatives” = You rock guys! :-D In order to find out more about the creators, she asked you to fill fout a quick survey on the web. She found out that “the majority of respondents are students (40%) between 25 and 34 years old. The age range of the participants is from less than 18 to 44 years old”. She also asked you why you participated in this contest on eYeka, here is what some of you said: “Competition has turned out very interesting. It would be very desirable that my ideas are useful to the whole world and find a practical embodiment with your help!” “I would be very happy if the contest organizers gave special credit to participants who contributed to the development of the company, so that participants feel that they are involved in corporate decision-making process“. “I would like to see the works of other participants to make up my idea of shopping in the future too. And, of course, to participate in an international competition for me is a very important“. Miona said about the call-for-entries’ results that “eYeka’s creative consumers are seen as a sort of ‘aesthetics radars’ that capture every lack of harmony around them, perceiving the lack of interconnectivity in shopping”. Regardless of where creators come from, she found out that the community had similar expectations towards shopping: “It is interesting to see people coming from different parts of the world display the same level of expectations when retailing is concerned”, she says. What do you think? Do you like it?

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