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Disruptive in-store displays

By Pauline Gaudillat on March 12, 2019 15:37 Call for entries 0

WOW men with your design for Gillette’s new generation of in-store displays!

As most of you know, Gillette is a global brand well known for making the world’s best blades & razors for men of all ages. Gillette promises a precision engineered grooming experience for the closest shave and unparalleled comfort to enhance men’s skin care routine.

While its products are clearly best-in-class, there is at least one area where Gillette falls short of the “best,” and that’s in-store. So, Gillette would like your help to up its game by designing bestin-class in-store displays.

Design a new generation of Gillette in-store displays that stops men in their tracks and makes it easier for them to buy the right blades & razors.

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Jury's Prize

  1. 1,000€
  2. 700€
  3. 550€

Participate before MARCH 24th, 23:59 UTC.

Good Luck!

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Pond's: a new range of sheet masks

By Mikhail Kachakhidze on March 11, 2019 10:53 Call for entries 0

Break the clutter on shelf with a distinctive sheet mask range for Pond’s that will delight younger Millennials!

Face masks have become a popular part of a woman’s skin care routine to hydrate and brighten your skin in a matter of minutes.

The most commonly used mask type is the “sheet mask” as part of the “me time”, a treat for your skin while relaxing and unwinding after a busy day/week or a night with friends.

The choice of sheet masks today is overwhelming, and they often look very similar. They tend to offer the same benefits and ingredients and with no distinctive design none of them really stand out on shelf.

Pond’s, the world-famous skincare brand, is creating a brand-new range of innovative sheet masks and needs your creative help to come up with THE mask that everyone will notice instantly and wants to buy. Can you help?

Design the most unique and ‘clutter-breaking’ sheet mask range for Pond’s that will stand out on shelf and be loved by younger millennials! 

Format: Visuals, text descriptions and answers to the three mandatory questions.

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Jury's Prize

  1. 2,000€
  2. 1,250€
  3. 500€

Participate before March 20, 2019 23:59 UTC! 

Good luck!

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Create a New Skin & Personal Care Brand

By Pauline Gaudillat on March 07, 2019 15:39 Call for entries 0

Turn heads by creating a new brand designed for urban Millennials’ on-the-go lifestyle!

Does this sound familiar?
.... home -> huddle with work colleagues at the office -> lunch with girl / boyfriend -> pitch presentation -> exercise -> hanging out with friends at bar / restaurant.
Or this?
... home -> meeting at the office -> Client meeting across town -> sandwich lunch on the way to the doctor’s office - > meeting with the boss back at the office -> store to buy some clothing on sale -> back home to help the kids with homework -> dinner with the neighbors.

Add driving, taxis / Ubers, e-scooters & bikes, public transport, an occasional airplane, crowds, waiting in lines, and sometimes sweltering weather into the mix ... Urban Millennials are away from home for most of the day, and these are ‘ordinary’ days!

Globally, Urban Millennials want to look and feel clean, fresh and confident 24/7, and this includes much of the time when they do not have access to a bathroom or shower. 

Our Sponsor would like to create a new brand designed specifically for these on-the-go moments to outperform their current hacks. Can you help?

Create an amazing, new and contemporary brand with a signature product to help urban Millennials rule over their hectic, nomadic, on-the-go lifestyle.

Join now

Jury's Prize

  1. 3,500€
  2. 2,500€
  3. 1,500€

Participate before MARCH 20th 23:59 UTC.

Good Luck!

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Coca-Cola: next gen closure systems

By Mikhail Kachakhidze on February 26, 2019 10:49 Call for entries 0

Food and beverage packaging plays an important and valuable role in our modern daily lives, allowing us to enjoy safe and quality products, yet is concerningly ending up on our streets, in waterways and in oceans. To address this urgent environmental challenge and make litter a thing of the past, last year The Coca-Cola Company announced a global ambition to help create a World Without Waste.

This includes goals to collect a bottle or can for each one it sells by 2030, ensuring that 100% of its packaging is recyclable by 2025, and ensuring that 50% of packaging is made from recycled materials by 2030. As part of this effort, the company is focusing on the entire packaging lifecycle: from how bottles and cans are designed and made, to how they are collected and reused.

Innovation and partnership are at the very heart of this approach, and so we are keen to hear your ideas to help us design better PET plastic bottles. We are looking to crowdsource ideas and innovations for a next-generation sustainable bottle closure system (bottle caps) that remains attached to bottles and can help ensure a healthier, debris-free environment.

Jury's Prize

  1. 3,000€
  2. 2,000€
  3. 1,000€
  4. 500€
  5. 500€

Participate before March 19, 2019 23:59 UTC

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Help Oral B Toothpaste get noticed!

By Mikhail Kachakhidze on February 25, 2019 15:42 Call for entries 0

Help Oral B Toothpaste get noticed!

If you’ve ever considered buying an electric toothbrush, chances are that you know Oral B. It’s a trusted brand with expert credentials. In fact, it’s the #1 brand recommended by dentists.

Oral B has leveraged 50 years of expertise to launch a toothpaste that’s as good as its electric brush in Europe. Last year, Oral B launched its toothpaste in Germany, but 1 year on, most Germans haven’t even noticed! This is partly because people don’t care very much about which toothpaste they buy.

We need your creativity to introduce Germans to Oral B Pro toothpaste so it gets noticed! Can you help?

Create an intriguing, eye-catching poster & headline to introduce Oral B Pro toothpaste to Germans who know the brand, but who don’t know it’s a toothpaste.

Format: poster with a tagline + text explanation

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Jury's Prize

  1. 1,500€
  2. 500€
  3. 250€

Participate before 4th pf March 07:59 UTC time! 

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