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Reinvent Voting is featured in Forbes!

By Amelia Apsari on November 06, 2012 10:20 Announcements 0

Remember our contest “Reinvent Voting”  which took place last Spring and its winners? The big news is that the magazine Forbes pick the 6th November, day of the US presidential election to cover the eYeka contest “Reinvent Voting”! Discover what Forbes says about the featured entries here! Congratulations to the winners of the contest clementime and KlipProduction, and to the participants Martin_juza, gregork, and Didwee for being featured today in Forbes! :D

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CLEAR contest will be extended until 15th October 2012

By Xuan Long on September 24, 2012 08:53 Announcements 0

Dear creators, We understand how some of you are eager in participating in CLEAR contest, however you mentioned that you won’t be able to make it before the deadline due to the busy schedule and because we have too many contests going on in eYeka.  Based on this, it has been decided that CLEAR  contest “Convince men to make a change with a new scalp tonic” will be extended until 15th October 2012. This means more time for you to come up with a good entry  ;) And just to remind you, we have EUR 10,000 up for grab! So what are you waiting for? Click here to read the complete brief  and surprise us with a cool  video/animation to convince men that a small change in their daily routine to include CLEAR new scalp tonic can make a huge difference on their life. If you have any question or need advices, we’re just an email away! So don’t hesitate to contact us at support-en@eyeka.com  :)  

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An example for Mizone

By Amelia Apsari on September 14, 2012 15:32 Announcements 0

  Hello everyone, It seems like some of you are still confused by Mizone brief. So allow us to clarify it through this blog post: What we are looking for is idea of activities, NOT advertisement. Idea is the most important thing in this contest, while execution is secondary. Here’s an example of an entry that we have done. Hope this may inspire you, but kindly be reminded not to follow it as it is. This is just to help you to get started:

So I hope it can help you to get a better understanding of what you need to create for this contest. Do remember to write a detailed description to describe your idea and some visuals to accompany it so the judges will be able to understand your idea better. :) Should you have any doubts or question, you can always ask us on the Discussion tab. Six more days to deadline. Let’s get going! :D Are you ready?

Click here to re-read the brief and to submit your creation! 

p.s.: More ideas can be found on the 'News' section on the 'Summary' tab of the contest page.   

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Creators, it’s time to improve eYeka.com!

By Amelia Apsari on September 13, 2012 09:39 Announcements 0

Hello everyone, We are proud to announce the launch of a global program to help us get your feedback, suggestions and ideas on eYeka.com. As you probably noticed, we have been very busy improving our business model, looking for more scalability and getting brands to launch great contest for you to join. Now it’s your turn! We have big plans to improve eYeka.com (and loads to do!). And we want your help to understand what works, what doesn’t, if the website does the job, what pages are great, and most importantly, which aren’t. At your next login, a pop-up will ask you if you want to join our User-Driven Enhancement Program. If you want to be heard, join! (You can join or leave it at any time in your “My preferences” page) First, a 5 questions survey will allow us to calculate your global usability feeling. Once completed, you will be able to rate and add a comment on each page (at any time you can edit it). As you will notice, a Feedback tab will appear just below the Support tab.

  As we will release new features or will improve existing ones, the survey will help us track usability improvement. For the moment, this program is only available in English. If you make it a success, we will extend it to other languages. We got rid of the Ideas feature of our Support tab as it was too big for our needs: let’s start small! The redesign will probably take a couple of months, so please bear with us! -Renaud (Product Manager) and your Community Managers' Team-

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Extension for Dirt is Good!

By Amelia Apsari on September 10, 2012 04:32 Announcements 0

Hello everyone!

Due to the number of requests we received for Dirt is Good, we have decided to extend the contest to September 25th, 2012. So it means more time for you to create your entries! :D

And just to remind you, we have a whopping amount of EUR 15,000 to be given away to six best creations! Isn't it cool or what? :D

Video Category: 1st Prize: EUR 6,000 2nd Prize: EUR 3,000 3rd Prize: EUR 1,000! Design Category: 1st Prize: EUR 3,000 2nd Prize: EUR 1,500 3rd Prize: EUR 500
So what are you waiting for?

Click here to view the brief and participate!

Don't forget to use the contest discussion tab if you have any comment or suggestion. ;)

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