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Inspire people to become climate action heroes in the fight against global warming!

By Mikhail Kachakhidze on June 22, 2018 12:58 Call for entries 0

Inspire people to become climate action heroes in the fight against global warming.

Did you know 2016 was the warmest year on record? Increased carbon dioxide and other human-made emissions into the atmosphere are the central cause. The burning of fossil fuels used for transportation accounts for nearly one third of all greenhouse gas emissions.

Our communities and our planet are cooking in the exhaust of our cars. Luckily, research suggests that it is possible to not just slow climate change but to even reverse it! With clean and renewable energy sources on the rise, the electrification of these vehicles is one of the most promising ways to significantly reduce our carbon footprint and cut greenhouse gas emissions. 

Aside from making electric cars more affordable, how can we influence more drivers to adopt electric vehicles today for their everyday transportation needs and start making positive impact now?

In what ways can we inspire more drivers to choose low carbon passenger vehicle options?

Create new solutions that help automakers accelerate the adoption of electrified vehicles by making the positive impacts of EVs more compelling.

Format: PDF with visuals ans text

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Jury's Prize

  1. 4,000€
  2. 1,500€
  3. 500€

Entries will be accepted till July 22, 2018 23:59 UTC! 

Good luck!

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Can you help introduce Each & Every clean deodorant to natural consumers?

By Mikhail Kachakhidze on June 08, 2018 09:17 Call for entries 0

Can you help introduce Each & Every clean deodorant to natural consumers?

A growing number of consumers are rejecting chemical-filled deodorant in favor of clean alternatives because they are worried about the health impact of the products they use on their skin.

Each & Every is a new clean deodorant brand that is free of aluminum and parabens, and full of simple ingredients that work. Only ingredients with a low safety risk according to the Environmental Working Group (EWG) are chosen.

For the launch, the brand is looking for creative and impactful ways to introduce itself in a social media campaign. Can you help?

 In a poster, introduce the Each & Every deodorant brand to devoted naturals consumers who don’t like using traditional deodorant brands. 

FORMAT: 2-page PDF

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Jury's Prize

  1. 3,000€
  2. 1,000€
  3. 500€

Participate before June 21, 2018 23:59 UTC! 


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A new label for BONAFONT

By Pauline Gaudillat on June 07, 2018 10:07 Call for entries 0

Can you modernize the label of Mexico’s number one bottled water, BONAFONT?

We all know that the connections we make with brands can be as deep as the ones we make with other people: we call it brand love! For years in Mexico, one brand, above all others, has been the consumers’ favorite: Bonafont.  Bonafont is the leading bottled water in Mexico and since 1992, the brand has been inspiring Mexicans to enjoy healthier hydration habits in a light and sustainable way. We also know that very often packaging is a critical component in building a brand’s identity. This is what this challenge is about!

Bonafont stands out in this bottled water market with its distinctive and immediately recognizable “Salmon” colored label compared to blue, a generic color for the category. The brand is famous for offering a light water in a quality and modern packaging. Its communication is targeted to empower and give confidence to women but it is consumed and loved equally by both genders.

Recently, more brands have entered the market or redesigned their packs to make them more modern and attractive. Some brands are even communicating through their packs the “lightness” of their water, the key benefit owned until now by Bonafont!

Can you help Bonafont redesign its label to make sure it expresses “lightness” in a more clear and modern way, while also remaining the most attractive pack on the market?

Format: 2-page PDF – 1 page with your label design + 1 page with your answers

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Jury's Prize

  1. 4,500€
  2. 2,000€
  3. 500€

Participate before JUN 14, 23:59 UTC! 
Good Luck!

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Meet our Creator Of The Month Of June - Vincent!

By mirayafi on June 05, 2018 00:00 Featured Authors 0

Hello eYeka!

Be brave enough to live life creatively. The creative place where no one else has ever been – Alan Alda.

This month, we are introducing one of our best creators 2hdesign.

Tell us a bit more about yourself

My name is Vincent, I'm 36 years old and I'm married. I have two children and I live in Verdun in the east of France. I like art in general (Impressionist painting, music, nature with these delicious mushrooms, cooking and graphics). It will be a little over 16 years that I'm in graphics and since my first photoshop everything has changed. I am totally self-taught as in all that I do (music, painting ...). Next to Eyeka with my wife we create and manage "mainstream" websites which are our main activity. I also develop several parallel projects related to graphics. Basically, we are busy but we still find time to participate in the Eyeka contest.

How did you find out about eYeka?

I knew Eyeka by chance while doing Google graphic design searches. In 2012 I tried my first contest which I lost and put the site aside. By chance we fell back on the site in 2016 and we retry our luck with more success this time. Since, we participate as often as we can.

Do you have a creative process? If so, can you share a bit of your secret with our community? Where do you look for inspiration?

I do not have a particular process. However, once I read the brief with my wife we always start with a little research on the product and the brand. Then I start by experimenting in photoshop and I see if the project hold the road and I take notes, I always choose several routes from the most reasonable to the wackiest, but all does not result often for lack of time. The inspiration can come from everywhere and sometimes has nothing to do with the subject of the competition, it can be a music, when I cook or any other, the important thing is to keep an open mind.

When submitting an entry, how do you keep positive if it is not selected as a winning entry?

It's always frustrating to be honest, especially when you think that the poster or project corresponds to the brief. However, this frustration can become an ally as it helps us push our limits and innovate. Each step is a victory because each time we improve and in the end,  it is the most important. In the field of advertising and graphics, refusals are frequent. This does not mean that the work is bad, but that it does not necessarily correspond to the trends of the moment or the identity of the brand.

What would you like to achieve (or have already achieved) with the prizes you will win/have won?

We do not have a specific goal, but the awards won allow us to change the routine.

If you had to describe eYeka in 3 words, what would they be?

Freedom, Creativity, Challenge

Finally, is there anything you would like to share with our creators (secret, tip…)?

Unleash your creativity and trust yourself. Do not give up a project even if it seems completely crazy or too simplistic. Sometimes it's a mini detail that can win or become a big innovation.


Thank you so much Vincent! We can’t wait to see further work from you!

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Coca-Cola Glass Design

By Thomas Langella on June 01, 2018 14:00 Call for entries 0

Create the 2019 glass design for Coca-Cola at McDonald’s

Back in 2004, in France, Coca-Cola launched the first glass promotion ‘campaign’ with McDonald’s. It had so much success that it has evolved into a global campaign, refreshed over the years with new designs, colors, collections and effects. Over 500 million glasses have been distributed so far, and you have probably already seen or got one of them!

After 14 years running the campaign, it is getting more challenging to find new ideas for designs. This is the reason why Coca-Cola needs your creativity to bring freshness and excitement to the 2019 Coca-Cola glass. Can you help design a Coca-Cola glass that will excite and delight McDonald’s customers next year?

Format: presentation

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Jury's Prize

  1. 3,000€
  2. 1,500€
  3. 500€

Good luck !

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