Make Instant Noodles the New Today’s Favourite

Instant noodles are one of the favourite go-tos when people have cravings! Their versatility allows a world of possibilities for making the perfect dish in short order. Whether they cook it for lunch, dinner or as a snack, people usually spend less than 10 minutes preparing their instant noodles.

People from all over the globe enjoy Instant Noodles from Nestlé. They offer a large variety of products, in different formats (soft pack, cup, bowl, box) and different brands, the most common being Maggi. Instant noodles are one of those comfort foods solutions that have been on the shelves for years, and Nestlé knows they must catch-up with consumers’ expectations which have emerged in recent years.

People have an increasing need for a healthy lifestyle but they don’t want to sacrifice convenience. They know healthy food benefits their body and physical health, but they want to enjoy food that is still fun and tasty. Instant Noodles has not yet struck the balance between health and taste, and Nestlé needs your creativity to imagine new product ideas that would suit these new trends. Can you help?

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