This week, we are happy to introduce you to sidehr. Let's read more about this Algerian creative soul!

As an introduction, is there any quote that you like to follow as your mantra? 

One of the beautiful secrets of "difference" that I discovered is "movement"

Can you imagine a movement without two different things? What is the definition of life if it is not a movement in space?

Tell us a bit more about yourself (what have you done/worked/studied, where do you live, what do you like most about your country/city, what characterizes you the most and anything you feel comfortable sharing) …

Multidisciplinary artist, visual artist, musician, singer and designer.

Researcher in the field of the arts unit, and the relationship of art with science, work, civilization, and life in general.

Currently, Manager of “Joli Pub” a design and communication agency..

I authored several new concepts on art, culture, civilization, sustainability, and life

Activist in associations since he was 10 years old

I love to learn and live new experiences, the philosophy, I hate routine, despite my knowledge that there is a need for repetition in life, and that it has some beauty, but I am not designed for it.

I live in Algeria, a country with lots of sun, space and cultures ... You can live the four seasons in one day, when you travel from north to south.

How did you find out about eyeka?

At the end of 2019, I decided to test my abilities on a global scale, I did a search on Google and I discovered eyeka

You’ve joined eyeka in September 2019 and you’ve already won 2 prizes, how cool is that! What do you feel about those prizes?

I gave up teaching fine arts because I felt that I had only theoretical information and that I could not offer anything to students that I had not experienced myself.

My success in the top 10 in the first competition was a great feeling for me, and it gave me hope to lead the experience harder and I won two competitions and it's great.

As for the price, I decided to get married and pay the wedding fees, and I invite everyone to come, just bring the masks with you.

Do you have a creative process? If so, can you share a bit of your secret with our community? Where do you look for inspiration?

I advanced and explained my philosophy on the difference.

Variation is a good engine of ideas, you never have to say it: just that or just the other, but rather, how to combine the two extremes.

You know that the symphony is made up of different machines and sounds, and each instrument plays a different phrase from the other, and the genius lies in combining them into one masterpiece.

When submitting an entry, how do you keep positive if it is rejected or not selected as a winning entry?

Life taught me not to give up, life if it doesn't give you, it taught you

What would you like to achieve (or have already achieved) with the prizes you will win/have won?

Although I have accomplished many things in my life, I still have a lot to do.

The strangest thing is that when I step on the podium to receive an award, I think of the next step

If you had to describe eyeka in 3 words, what would they be?

My new launch

Finally, is there anything you would like to share with our creators (secret, tip…)?

We must remain positive; we must have fun, love and appreciate life and the beauty of nature, and contemplate it, because nature has made many geniuses and philosophers. As for technology, we don't know if it's capable of doing the same thing, and we have to wait centuries to get the answer.

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