Create an out-of-the-box activation campaign for the P&G brands to facilitate vulnerable groups as the Corona-crisis continues and lockdowns start/continue to lift.

Covid-19 has redefined our relationship to essential household and hygiene products. They are even more essential to us now but for different reasons. They don’t just provide a living standard anymore: they are a prerequisite for living normally again. Not just fulfilling a household function, but also a societal and communal responsibility. A hygiene issue is no longer just a personal one – it’s of public concern and consequence.

As the crisis continues and lockdowns start to lift, Covid-19 will continue to pose a serious threat. We will all be adjusting to a world with renewed responsibility to keep everyone safe and provide support to those affected by the crisis, be it health or revenue, especially the most vulnerable in our communities.

In the current pandemic, organisations must adapt to keep citizens safe and protect the most vulnerable. P&G wants to continue playing a role in providing relief and supporting the most vulnerable communities across Europe (European Union + Turkey + Russia).

Create a memorable activation idea for P&G and its essential products. This activation idea will be used for P&G’s community efforts, to facilitate the vulnerable groups in a post-lockdown world.

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