Invent the next big innovation in dough to warm people’s day-to-day.

One of the most delicious, convivial even enticing scents to come out of a kitchen is the way dough smells when it’s baking in the oven. But who has the know-how, the time or the will to bake home-made bread? Or pizza crust, quiche crust or pastries? Not many of us, and not often! Take pizza for example. Many of us buy frozen pizzas with our preferred topping and pop them in the oven. On a special occasion, we might order in … from a pizza delivery chain, or perhaps from a trusted neighborhood restaurant who has a delivery service. Making a home-made pizza is also an option … and for most of us, a home-made pizza means you buy ready to roll-out chilled pizza dough, add tomato sauce, cheese and other ingredients, and pop it in the oven. Few of us prepare pizza crust from scratch!  

Buitoni and its sister brands, Herta, Wagner and Leisi, are category leaders in Italy, France, Spain, Switzerland, Germany and Belgium, but the category is mostly stuck in ‘staples’ – regular, slightly boring, basic culinary chilled dough that requires some time to prepare. It’s also stuck in people’s minds as food which is (too) filling, slightly fattening and “white,” i.e. “empty calories” with little or no nutritional value. As a “packaged food,” some people also worry that chilled dough is not as wholesome as they’d like it to be. Buitoni wants to step-change its category offering to meet today’s changed expectations in a big way. Can you help?

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