Invent a new type of electronic breastmilk pump that will make the breastfeeding experience special and prevent moms from having fears and doubts!

Most moms agree that breast milk is the most trusted option for new borns’ development: it gives babies all the nutrition they need and give them protective elements, all natural. Breastfeeding benefits go beyond the baby – it is also a wonderful gift babies give to their mom. It protects her from some illnesses but also creates a strong, healthy and emotional bond between baby and mom.

Our sponsor is a leader in baby care products and a pioneer in creating all kinds of breastmilk pumps. Very attentive to the importance of nurturing, they have found the way to help moms tackle their busy life full of challenges and to accompany them. To do so, they have created many ranges of breastpumps – the best ones to effective, comfortable and as natural as possible breast milk expression.

However, when breastfeeding, moms can face some natural challenges. Sometimes they are caught by a fear they haven’t tried their best to empty the breast which bears the risk of lumping and, sometimes, painful swelling and inflammation. Also, even if lumping doesn’t cause any swelling, it is still there and it makes moms anxious as they need to use warm water to heat the breasts and do hand massage to solve the lumping. To answer moms’ challenges and strengthen even more the bond between mom and baby, our sponsor is willing to create an ultimate kind of an end-to-end electronic breastpump: one that will not only be technologically effective, but also make the caring and nurturing breastfeeding experience special and accompany moms when having doubts and anxiety around breastfeeding. Can you help?

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