Come up with a creative and innovative activation idea that brings the brand experience closer to consumers!

Schweppes is a brand with a long and rich history. The founder of the company (Mr. J. Schweppe, originally from Switzerland) invented the first method to include carbonation in a drink that could be produced at large scale. Meaning he was the inventor of carbonated soft drinks as we know it today!

One of the drinks that Schweppes is offering are their bitter drinks. Bitter drinks are carbonated soft drinks which can be used to mix cocktails (alcoholic and non-alcoholic) or served directly as a refreshing ready to drink beverage. The most typical flavours are Tonic, Bitter Lemon and Ginger Ale.

Schweppes DNA is that of a tasty, refreshing and stylish brand for adults. However, consumers still feel a distance to the brand and don’t always perceive them this way. It is time to show the brand is still out there and alive!

Today, Schweppes is looking for creative ideas for of various types of activations to bring the brand experience closer to consumers. Can you help?

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