Bring to life communication ideas for Fanta that will inspire youngsters to stay young and playful!

Ever since its launch more than 80 years ago by the Coca-Cola Company, the fruit-based soft drink Fanta has delighted drinkers all around the world and given them wonderful moments of indulgence. Thanks to its mouth-watering sweetness and colorful appearance, it just feels like the ultimate reward for equally colorful people.

The world is moving fast and imposing a lot of expectations and pressure on today’s youngsters. They know they’ll have to work hard to achieve what they want, tired of waiting and anxious to make change happen. Now is the time for Fanta to become more than just a brand, to offer them a well-deserved reward, and to spread its playful and laid-back spirit.

To do so, the brand wants to establish itself as the drink for the young people who understand the burdens of the world, who are ready to take them on every single day, but who can also leave it all behind to have a moment of pure indulgence. It is for the young at heart, the never stop playing and more importantly for the playful spirits. Fanta wishes to be the liquid sanctuary for those who need playful refuge from the world. Can you help Fanta communicate and spread the power of playfulness?

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