Design the shape of NextGen Infant Formula and its packaging for the next 100 years!

Parents want to give the best to their child no matter what stage of life he is in, and this starts with the best nutrition for a baby’s healthy growth and development. Today, moms who can't or don’t want to breastfeed, bottle feed their baby with infant formula. Typically, the mother buys a large metal tin can of infant milk, boils / heats the water to the right temperature, uses the enclosed plastic measuring spoon to dose the right amount, pours the infant formula & water into the bottle, and shakes the mixture to get rid of lumps. When the baby is crying, the preparation can be nerve-racking, stressful, too long, and messy.  

Whereas the sophistication and expert “like breast milk” quality of infant formula has made great strides over recent decades, the packaging & preparation ritual has hardly changed in 100 years! Our sponsor would like to change this. Can you help?

Design a new and iconic shape & partner packaging to protect & dispense compacted infant formula powder in 5-gram units. 

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Share your idea before Sunday, MARCH 8th 23:59 UTC.

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