Create an out-of-the-box activation for P&G and its retailers that engages consumers to become more sustainable!

As you may know, sustainability tends to become a very important issue to address for the brands, as a source of growth and social responsibility engagement. Indeed, sustainability has become a big concern and driver for consumers. No longer for a minority of “eco-engaged” consumers but for everyone!

Indeed, consumers are more and more concerned about environmental issues. Their concerns are not only skewed towards the obvious plastic waste and pollution, it goes beyond this: for 50% of EU consumers, the biggest issue is overall ‘climate change’. They are willing to change their consumption and shopping habits and lifestyle to reflect their values in this area, they are asking brands and retailers to act in a more eco-conscious way, but they also claim that they want of be active in the process and do their part to reduce the overall waste – and so, the carbon footprint – they produce, consume or use.

This project is about helping and educating consumers to live in a more sustainable way at home, through a strong activation concept in-store for different P&G product categories. Can you help?

Come up with an outstanding and memorable activation concept for a partnership between P&G and its retailers in Europe that will help consumers to have a more sustainable lifestyle!

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