Bring to life the virtuous circle of energy & positivity for Berocca’s next campaign!

Most of us don’t have the energy levels we wish we had. We all get through the day, for sure. But, how do we perform throughout the day? Do we have the energy to multi-task from home, to work, to home and still have the energy to get in a some me-time? Is it the mad rush that gets the best of us? Or perhaps a lack of focus when we need it most? Or do we feel we’re doing OK - tackling one thing at a time, but that we are simply not doing our best?  

Berocca knows that “feeling your best” can be elusive, but it believes that it’s within everyone’s reach, if one wants it. Berocca is an energy supplement that combines a specially formulated mix of vitamins & minerals to give people the energy they need,  a sustainable edge. Berocca is a Clinically Proven formulation (the competitors are not), it improves focus and concentration, increases mental performance & memory and improves physical stamina.  It makes a real difference every day – helping people maintain physical and mental energy. And, with regular every day use, a virtuous circle sets in whereby broad based energy leads to a positive mindset, and a positive mindset positively affects energy levels.  

Australians have been using Berocca as a recovery product to prevent a hangover or as a energy boost to help them feel better when they were ‘hung-over’ after a big night, for many years, leading to a strong association wih the hangover occasions. However while Berocca delivers in this energy need situation, the brand can help across many more energy occasions. When people feel energised people feel better, more positive, and they can make the most of every day. Can you help create the need for Berocca by expanding people’s perception of the brand into energy by developing a new creative idea for a future campaign in Australia?

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