Bring to life the Redoxon Vitamin C immunity effect!

Coughing, sniffing, sore throats… we never know when we’re going to catch a cold or the flu, but we all agree they slow us down, and we’d rather do without them!

Now, let’s zoom in on the typical 25 – 35 year old Chinese adult who leads a very busy, urban lifestyle in China. They have long & crowded commutes, air pollution is rife, and urban life is “always on” – in both good ways, and bad. They have to contend with a competitive & demanding work life, few vacation days, serious family commitments (parents & a possibly a child), and their social life in the big city is important to them and their persona. In short, getting sick means missing out, and this is hard to manage professionally & socially. They yearn to be liberated from such nuisances, so they are starting to become more health conscious.  

Many know that Vitamin C helps strengthen immunity levels. Some try to eat more fruit. Some try to exercise and / or sleep more. But generally, they find it hard to change their daily lifestyle enough to protect their body against colds & flu. During ‘high season’ when people around them are sneezing, and the weather changes, most of them don’t do anything to protect themselves. Once symptoms strike, many turn to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), but it’s too late. Its efficacy is far lower than daily prevention measures would have been. As for Redoxon vitamin C, it is made of 1000mg ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) with no other nutrient, which makes it unique.

This is where Redoxon 1000 mg Vitamin C effervescent tablets can help. But the brand has not communicated much in the last 5 years, so many Chinese have never heard of Redoxon, don’t know what the brand stands for, and don’t know that taking 1000 mg of Vitamin C a day can really enhance their immunity so they don’t get sick.

Can you help Redoxon communicate that a daily dose of 1000 mg of Vitamin C could help busy urban Chinese prevent the common cold or flu?

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