Help Lenovo connect with people on an emotional level through a “Smarter Technology For All” story.

They say a dog is a man’s best friend with whom we share a special bond. Well, nowadays, we can say that we share this kind of bond with our…laptop! Laptops have become essential, if not vital in our everyday life. We use them to communicate, work, connect with our families and friends, we save our holiday pictures on them and so on. When buying one, we pay attention to its features and look and to the brand. But what really makes it different? Here is the thing: in 2019, we have plenty of choices when choosing a laptop. It is even harder for tech brands to stand out from the crowd.

Our sponsor, Lenovo, is a tech company that makes and sells smart devices, PCs, tablets, virtual reality devices, etc. Lenovo is behind quite a few innovations in the past few years, like the first convertible laptop (Yoga), or the first table PC, or even the first smart display embedding the Google Assistant! They have recently chosen a new brand signature, “Smarter Technology For All” to express their ambition to develop world-changing technologies that create a more inclusive, trustworthy and sustainable digital society.

What makes Lenovo different is their user-oriented vision: they make and sell laptops to answer people’s needs because they want to be part of their everyday life. Their purpose is not to be a statutory brand, but instead to bring real added value to all kinds of people, no matter their age or income. They have been involved in social projects through Smarter Technology For All scholarships with UK nonprofit organizations or even with nonprofit organizations acting to bring connectivity to refugee education centers.

Today, with “Smarter Technology For All”, Lenovo wants to be recognized for what they are:  a purposeful, unexpected, brave, premium tech brand that puts people first. A vision where every person and business has access to the technology that allows them to achieve their own intelligent transformation. But how can they tell that message in an impactful way so that it is understood and resonates with people on an emotional level? This is where we need your creativity. Can you help?

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