Come up with a totally new end to end service that will revolutionize the consumer credit system for a new generation of consumers!

Traditional financial institutions have always used a customer’s income and other relevant asset/earning information provided at the time of application to assess borrowing requests. In most conventional banks & lending institutions, customers are promised: security, simplicity, and speed when seeking to borrow funds. This has become the norm across the entire Financial industry. In other words, the service has become a commodity in the consumers’ eyes and no longer the competitive advantage of our client, a leading  consumer financial institution.

However, there are new start-ups emerging to offer lending services that break the conventional standards and give consumers a more flexible experience with many more options. Customers are starting to see changes in the way they can apply for, borrow and repay lent money.

That’s why our client, a leading  consumer financial institution, needs your help. This company is willing to think and behave like a challenger start up financial company and to disrupt the consumer financial lending sector. To do so, they want to create a totally new end to end consumer experience in borrowing and repaying financial loans. Can you help?

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