Introduce new OSU Apple Cider Vinegar from Mizkan to health-conscious people!

Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) has long been known as a natural remedy in Japan. While the ritual of drinking vinegar might not be a common healthy practice for many of us, in Japan it is one of the top health rituals that aids a healthy lifestyle and helps to maintain internal balance. It has been proven that drinking vinegar has several health benefits and drinking 15ml daily can help you live longer. Generations of Japanese have been following the health ritual of drinking Apple Cider Vinegar for centuries, and it is as important today as it’s always been.

Mizkan, the no.1 vinegar brand in Japan established in 1804, is introducing a new brand of Apple Cider Vinegar called OSU, which means vinegar in Japanese. The first country where it will be available is the UK. OSU believes that inner balance starts from healthy choices rather than quick short-term fixes. Doing small things every day contributes to long term benefits and supports a strong mind and body.

OSU has over 200 years of expertise in crafting vinegar in Japan and blends unpasteurized apple cider vinegar and 100% natural fruit juice to deliver a balanced, tangy taste with the natural sweetness of apples. It includes `The Mother` which is the strands of protein present within raw apple cider vinegar.

OSU is easy to drink and has a pleasant taste, unlike some Apple Cider Vinegars. Its delicious recipes blend raw, unpasteurized apple cider vinegar with 100% natural fruit juices, making this exceptional quality brew taste tangy yet with a smooth and enjoyable natural sweetness.   ​

​Mizkan needs your help to spread the word about this new great ACV product and inspire healthy conscious people to try OSU! Can you help?

In the format of a poster - with an engaging and powerful headline and a supporting key visual - introduce the new OSU apple cider vinegar to health-conscious people! 

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