Show millennial mums that no label should limit their kids from seizing opportunities!

Malaysia is a country where traditions still play an important role in families. The new generation, influenced by digital media, comes with a fresh and progressive mindset. Raising their first child is an opportunity to affirm this difference while remaining attached to their family values.

Millennial Mums want their children to be successful. They believe their child is special in his own way and with a good mix of hard work, opportunities and luck, he can be the best version of himself. But as first-time mums, who are constantly experimenting with their parenting style, they can sometimes be unsure of what they should do. The dilemma being that the way society define success or achievement carries many norms that can sometimes refrain kids from realizing their actual potential.

Dugro, a well-known Children’s Milk Brand in Malaysia, believes every child is unique and has the ability to succeed in his/her own right. We need your creativity to inspire a campaign to bring down the labels among kids and convince mums that their child can be the best version of themselves. Help us unleash every Malaysian child’s potential by showing in a poster how labels should not limit them!

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