Engage and seriously entertain 80s Girls with content that will make it impossible for them to scroll on by without checking out SeeMe BeautyWhen it comes to anti-aging cosmetics it is all the same – creams and serums that claim to turn back time for women and ‘erase’ all the wrinkles from their skin. You have all seen this advertising – a young woman in her 20s of 30s with flawless skin using an anti-aging ‘miracle’ product. Women in their 40s and 50s who have more experienced skin, feel invisible to skin care brands and beauty companies. They feel like beauty products are created for a younger audience to help them prevent aging or for older consumers who want to take dramatic steps to look younger. However, many of these women want skin that looks healthy, hydrated and vibrant, but don’t expect to look like they are 20 years old again.

Some brands have started to include more mature women in their advertising, but SeeMe Beauty is different. This is the brand that SEEs women with experienced skin who don’t consider themselves to be old. SeeMe Beauty is MADE by and for women who grew up in the 80s. And just like this legendary decade, the brand itself is Unapologetic, Seriously Fun and Rebellious

eÿeka community members are among the first to witness the launch of this new brand (the website goes live on 8th July) and now SeeMe Beauty needs your help to communicate its story in a creative and fresh way to engage ‘80s Girls. The best ideas will be used for social media campaigns and the brand’s website! Are you up for the challenge? Then turn on the ‘80s playlist and let’s have some serious fun!

In an engaging and fun poster, show ‘80s Girls that SeeMe Beauty is the new skin care brand created specifically for them, and that they can’t live without it!

Format: Poster with a headline, answers to the questions

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