Help Pampers develop a new brand campaign for Millennial parents!

Pampers diapers are designed for the everyday happy, healthy development of babies. For more than 50 years, its R&D teams have innovated to make Pampers’ diapers softer, better fitting, more absorbent, comfortable to babies’ skin so physical distractions like wetness do not get in the way of babies’ development.

Unfortunately, most Millennial parents feel diapers are diapers. They expect all diapers to keep babies dry. In fact, Pampers’ tendency to talk on & on about the product and to tell parents stories about diaper performance strikes many Millennial parents as out of touch. Some even perceive Pampers as a historical old brand, distant, and emotionally inaccessible. Can you help Pampers correct this?

Create a new Pampers’ brand campaign that resonates with today’s young European parents.

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