Show millennial women the magic behind Olay’s Essential Vitamin B3!

As young women approach 30 years old, they often go through key milestones ... more responsibility at work, marriage, having a baby ... Part of the evaluation or re-evaluation process that happens during these life-stage changes is the realization that one’s skin needs more serious taking care of. So, many women start looking for more than just hydration / moisturization from their skin care brand ...But, given the sophistication of the creams, the hyperbolic claims, the multitude of hero ingredients, and the higher price points, many women resolve to research which one to buy. So, again, what the brand claims in advertising is not enough. Thirty-somethings often seek to understand how the product works; not just what it promises.

Olay is delighted women want to do their “homework” before deciding which brand to buy, but it must do its part to be more transparent & informative about how Vitamin B3 works, the hero ingredient for the total product range.

It’s truly a skin hero, but Olay needs your help to foster a better understanding of how B3 (also called niacinamide) works. Can you help?

Create a series of 2 posters to creatively illustrate how Olay’s Essential Vitamin B3 works as a multi-tasking hero and why it’s so essential for your skin.

Format: 2 posters (a key visual + a tagline) + idea description

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