Help Natural Sleep Aid brand “Zzzs” create a new product name & design its new packaging.

You know how awful it is to wake up in the wee hours of the night, tossing and turning, without being able to fall back asleep. And all the while knowing how awful you’ll feel the next morning! There are always things to blame for bad sleep – stress at work, deadlines, traveling, blue screen activity before bedtime, or even a night shift or unusual work schedule. All of these factors contribute to occasional sleeplessness, defined as having difficulty sleeping a few times a week.

In the US, there has been a significant trend towards natural, drug-free sleep aids, as more adults are looking for healthier, safer and natural options. However, natural sleep aids like melatonin or nutritional supplements don’t satisfy one big sleep issue.

Zzzs, a natural sleep aid brand in the US, has created a new product with the technology that addresses a sleep issue facing 74% of troubled sleepers, but doesn’t have many solutions in the market. And they need your creativity to communicate this unique benefit on pack. Can you help?

In a distinctive, striking and intuitive poster & pack design, communicate Zzzs’ new product benefit, as well as come up with an intuitive product name.

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