The perfect hair care products for people who color their hair.

A lot of people color their hair and this trend continues to rise. Whether it’s to change one’s hair color, to add highlights, to express one’s personality, or simply to cover up grey hair, hair coloring is something that unites all generations, all races & ethnicities, and increasingly, both women & men!

However, what also unites them, is one giant inconvenience! Stylists, the media, and bloggers believe that shampoo makes the color fade, so they recommend cutting down on washing hair to help make the color stay brighter & last longer. And who wouldn’t believe the “experts”? So, they suffer from this constant dilemma of clean vs color... Do they care more about having clean hair & scalp that gives them a great hair day, or about keeping their beautiful color as long as possible?

Our Sponsors have developed a new technology for hair color-care products. And, since this “don’t wash messaging” is so entrenched, they would like your help to craft their communication. Can you help?

Create an impactful & thought-provoking poster with a headline to bring to life new hair care products that respect color so much, they don’t get in color’s beautiful way!

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