Design a Limited Edition for a daily Intimate Wash product for Latin American women!

The Intimate Wash category is small, somewhat unknown, yet growing across the globe. The core product looks like a shower gel, but it is specifically formulated to maintain the proper pH (power of hydrogen) for a woman’s intimate area ... sometimes called the “V-Zone”.

One of the reasons for growth in this category, is so-called innovation. In booming markets such as Mexico, many brands have launched Intimate Washes which provide new functional benefits like anti-bacterial cleaning, whitening or even firming. As a rinse-off product vs a ‘leave-on’ cream that is readily absorbed, these benefits are unlikely. So, to compete for attention on shelf, our Sponsor prefers to stick to benefits Intimate Wash can deliver: freshness & cleanliness, but to deliver them with some pizazz! Our Sponsor wants to create a pipeline of Limited Editions that stand-out on an ever-increasingly cluttered shelf. Can you help?

Wow us with an arresting name & sleeve design that stand-out on shelf, for an Intimate Wash Limited Edition that appeals to young, confident women.

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