WOW young Asian adults with your new innovative Essence of Chicken product!

There are times when we just feel exhausted by the challenges of daily life. We feel tired when we wake-up, we have difficulties concentrating and we do not have the mood and energy to do much. To stay in top condition before exam, stressful and busy periods at work, after child birth and during recovery from illness, people in Asia like to drink essence of chicken, a natural liquid extracted from cooking chickens packed in a small bottle. It is like a concentrated version of chicken broth with all the nutritional properties, but without the fat, cholesterol and chemicals. It is used as a natural supplement by everyone from students to office workers to older people who want to stay in top condition.

Today we invite you to create a new Essence of Chicken product that will be THE Product that young Asian people between 15 and 25 years old chose to support their well-being and that will fit seamlessly into their modern lifestyle. Can you help?

Create a new and innovative Essence of Chicken product that will win the attention of the young adults in Asia and become their main natural health supplement when it comes to their well-being.

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