Turn heads by creating a new brand designed for urban Millennials’ on-the-go lifestyle!

Does this sound familiar?
.... home -> huddle with work colleagues at the office -> lunch with girl / boyfriend -> pitch presentation -> exercise -> hanging out with friends at bar / restaurant.
Or this?
... home -> meeting at the office -> Client meeting across town -> sandwich lunch on the way to the doctor’s office - > meeting with the boss back at the office -> store to buy some clothing on sale -> back home to help the kids with homework -> dinner with the neighbors.

Add driving, taxis / Ubers, e-scooters & bikes, public transport, an occasional airplane, crowds, waiting in lines, and sometimes sweltering weather into the mix ... Urban Millennials are away from home for most of the day, and these are ‘ordinary’ days!

Globally, Urban Millennials want to look and feel clean, fresh and confident 24/7, and this includes much of the time when they do not have access to a bathroom or shower. 

Our Sponsor would like to create a new brand designed specifically for these on-the-go moments to outperform their current hacks. Can you help?

Create an amazing, new and contemporary brand with a signature product to help urban Millennials rule over their hectic, nomadic, on-the-go lifestyle.

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