Break the clutter on shelf with a distinctive sheet mask range for Pond’s that will delight younger Millennials!

Face masks have become a popular part of a woman’s skin care routine to hydrate and brighten your skin in a matter of minutes.

The most commonly used mask type is the “sheet mask” as part of the “me time”, a treat for your skin while relaxing and unwinding after a busy day/week or a night with friends.

The choice of sheet masks today is overwhelming, and they often look very similar. They tend to offer the same benefits and ingredients and with no distinctive design none of them really stand out on shelf.

Pond’s, the world-famous skincare brand, is creating a brand-new range of innovative sheet masks and needs your creative help to come up with THE mask that everyone will notice instantly and wants to buy. Can you help?

Design the most unique and ‘clutter-breaking’ sheet mask range for Pond’s that will stand out on shelf and be loved by younger millennials! 

Format: Visuals, text descriptions and answers to the three mandatory questions.

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Participate before March 20, 2019 23:59 UTC! 

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