Develop a new hallmark that would help FEVE and the glass industry to promote glass as a safe & 100% recyclable packaging and its endless life.

In a world where the environment is under high pressure because of our lifestyles, people are constantly searching for new ways and small changes to lower their impact on the environment. This also means buying your favorite products in the most sustainable packaging possible. However, in times where there is an overload of choices, choosing what’s best for the environment is definitely not easy and we might sometimes get lost along the way. This is why FEVE would like to help consumers making the right and most environmentally-friendly packaging choice, namely glass!

FEVE is the European Federation of glass packaging and glass tableware makers, which is an international not-for-profit association promoting glass packaging as a more sustainable solution. As packaging, glass containers assure the preservation, safe delivery and attractive presentation of a vast array of consumer products. Furthermore, glass is 100% recyclable, virtually inert and preserves the original taste of the products it contains.

Therefore, FEVE, the European manufacturer of glass containers, wants to re-establish their role of reference as packaging material for the EU Circular Economy, as a response to the Plastics strategy and all the dynamics that this strategy has sparked to solve the major issues of plastics. To do so, FEVE wants to develop a new glass hallmark to improve the perception of glass material and packaging solution.

Help FEVE by creating a new hallmark that will be catchy and intuitive to promote glass as a safe packaging, with endless life and that is 100% recyclable!

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