Name the new all-time best allergy relief nasal spray!

Allergy sufferers have a hard time. Sneezing, a runny nose, itchy nose and throat, breathing difficulties and itchy watery eyes are some of the symptoms they suffer from daily. Allergies aren’t curable, strike unexpectedly, and afflict 10 – 25% of the world’s population, making them the 5th most common chronic disease. They flare up from exposure to pollen, which is seasonal, but also dust, mold and animal dander which are potentially all around them, all the time.

Because allergies aren’t life threatening, causing merely everyday discomfort similar to common cold symptoms, allergy sufferers don’t get a lot of empathy from friends, family and co-workers They just have to deal! And, they do so, as best they can, thanks to over-the-counter (OTC) medicine they don’t need a doctor’s prescription for, usually in the form of pills and sprays. 

Our sponsor, which makes the #1 doctor recommended allergy relief brand in the US, and which is also available in 21 other markets, is developing what will be the all-time best, most advanced nasal allergy relief OTC solution on the market. In preparation for the launch, it needs a name that will do it justice! Can you help?

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