This month, we are happy to bring to light a new, but dear, creator named tania_huiny. This creative soul from Indonesian joined eyeka in April 2019, and she has already won 5 prizes. When we asked her about her favorite mantra, she said: ""Strive and strive to the max! and "Keep on Jiayou (add oil) - (real meaning: keep the spirit up!) -  if what the local here says ;)" Let's know more about her!

Tell us a bit more about yourself …

I'm an Indonesian, decided to pack my bag 6 years ago and come to China alone. Have been staying here in Beijing for almost 3 years, keep on striving to create an impactful works here, trying to be the next 'Jack Ma' (Note: Founder of Alibaba), no matter how difficult all the circumstances are here.

I have worked in advertising agencies for more than 15 years.  Having been staying in 3 major cities, Jakarta, Shanghai & Beijing for these past years of have definitely shaped me in many ways in terms of thinking ideas culturally and globally, despite all the boundaries that I've encountered in my creative professional life.

How did you find out about eyeka?

Somehow, I don't quite remember how I encountered Eyeka in the very beginning. Yet, I'm very grateful that I've did and really wish I found Eyeka much much earlier. Yet, better late than never, I guess.

Do you have a creative process? If so, can you share a bit of your secret with our community? Where do you look for inspiration?

Honestly, I don't really have a specific creative process. Somehow, a big passion to create something new, different and can give bigger impact to the society, has been my biggest drive. I love how Eyeka write their brief and I do believe the importance of having a good brief, in result of having good creative ideas. The excitement of reading a good brief, afterwards doing bit of research here and there, sleep on it for a while, then read the brief again 1-2 times afterwards just sit on it, try to find meaning of each words in the brief, and explore the ideas, through many sorts of ways: strolling around my neighborhood, window shopping, hanging out with friends, reading some random articles. Then go back again to the brief, and somehow naturally from the insights that I've got from doing all these daily activities can connect to the brief itself.

Haha.. sounds random. But, the point is I believe start with a great passion to do it, and really dedicate specific time and thoughts into it.

You seem particularly comfortable with product innovation challenges. Where does that come from?

Somehow I didn't realize this is coming actually, as my day to day professional activities for this past 15 years has been doing more to integrated advertising campaign for clients, but though aside from that I have a great passion in doing my own initiative ideas that beyond the normal client's brief. As this coming years, having a deep interest in reading about startups and digital innovations, I guess have made me interested in combining creativity into product and service innovations.

When submitting an entry, how do you keep positive if it is rejected or not selected as a winning entry?

Humanly, I always get disappointed when my submissions got rejected, especially if the ideas that I really believe in and have spent much time on, were being killed by the moderator in the very beginning. Though usually moderator always say it nicely : "need improvement" and yet afterwards it got killed, which just happened to one of the brief before. Usually I keep on striving more and more, as I like challenges. I don't easily take rejection and let it go. "Strive until it last" has been my motto, i guess, even until the very last minute of the submission deadline ;)

What would you like to achieve (or have already achieved) with the prizes you will win/have won?

I have a big dream with Eyeka, actually. Maybe sounds crazy, but I do wish to have an early retirement and just focus on doing Eyeka's briefs and my personal creative passions to support my life and some part to send back home for my family.

If you had to describe eyeka in 3 words, what would they be?

Exciting, Challenging, Addictive

Finally, is there anything you would like to share with our creators (secret, tip…)?

Not really a secret tip, but basically if you have the passion in doing it and really focus on it, I believe we can achieve what we want. Sounds cliche, maybe, but somehow it's true, at least for me.

Thank you very much Tania!