Help people who sweat excessively to better control their perspiration!

We have all faced situations that can trigger sweat: meeting new people, unfamiliar situations, important meetings, job interviews, arguments with others, etc. For many people, sweat doesn’t get in the way of the situation and they get on with their day. However, for people suffering from excessive sweating, these situations can generate a lot of anxiety and it impacts their daily life.

More and more people are ‘self-perceived & self-aware’ to suffer from excessive sweating. Not all of them need or can afford medical solutions, but they do extensive research, and constantly look online for products and recommendations, trying to find a solution that works for them.

There is a frustration amongst excessive sweaters, because the solutions available do not work 100%, are inadequate or too expensive. Most of the solutions available in drugstores and supermarkets mostly focus on underarm sweat control, not other areas, such as hands, feet, back and face. 

Can you help our client to develop the next, effective working solution that is not just suited for under-arm sweat control?

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