Invent the next Airheads candy for teens and young adults!

We all have our sweet tooth from time to time, but teens and young adults indulge more in fruity chewy candy than the rest of us. Fruity, chewy candies are seen as a treat or reward, to satisfy a sweet craving, or to add some fun to the moment. The fruity chewy candy category in the US is growing, mostly through continuous product innovation, and that’s exactly what we want to do here: innovate new & unique Airheads within the category.

Airheads is a US brand known for its “larger than life” fruit flavors.

To help them excite their candy lovers even more, we’d like you to help invent the next playful and unique Airheads candy!

Format: Presentation with illustrations and text on no more than 2 pages.

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Jury's Prize

  1. 3,000€
  2. 1,500€
  3. 1,000€
  4. 500€

Entries will be accepyted till June 11, 2018 23:59 UTC!