Create the communications idea for new Olay Whips moisturizer designed for young women’s skin.

If you ask women what the holy grail of facial moisturizers is, they will say many things, but mostly, they want a moisturizer to give them healthy hydration without leaving their skin sticky or greasy.

After years of research, Olay, one of the biggest ‘masstige’ (prestige brand designed for mass market distribution) skin care brands in the US, has developed the ultimate moisturizer. It is called Olay Whips. It is light as air and dries in seconds, so there is no stickiness or greasiness!  

Olay Whips was launched in January, and has been doing well in the US market. The communication focuses on the new “light as air” texture that is unique to Olay Whips. For Year 2 communications, Olay would like to share more information about what it does for young women’s skin. So, Olay wants your help to creatively explore how a breakthrough ‘whipped’ skin moisturizing cream can communicate its skin care benefits in a way that strikes a chord with Millennials who prioritize the now, versus any long term skin benefits. Can you help?

Format: 2 pages max – 1 poster with a headline + answers

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