Nowadays, people with disabilities are better integrated to society. Indeed, thanks to progress and technologies, they can now enjoy some specific innovations specially dedicated to them such as wheelchair access, signal sounds at crosswalks, hearing aids, post-amputation prothesis… These inventions helped them through their daily journeys but still, people with disabilities are not well included yet into society.

Today, most people with disabilities live at their parents’. Depending on their handicap, they also need assistance on a daily basis which helps them in their lives, but not in their inclusion into society. Indeed, it’s time now to avoid any discrimination form against them and to allow them to fully live their lives by changing the public perception on people with disabilities and by allowing them to evolve in their environment the same way healthy people do. And this is where you step in!

Because progress is evolving very quickly, we think that things could get better for them by 2050. To do so, CGI, one of the leading end-to-end IT and business consulting services companies in the world, needs you to invent an inclusive mobility solution for people with disabilities in 2050 that leverages new technologies. Can you help? 

Format: Presentation with text and visuals – 3 pages max.

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