Disruptive solution for the ultimate skin foundation

Everyone would agree that good complexion is a beauty essential. We all think that skin is beautiful when it looks healthy & radiant and when complexion is uniform and has a fine texture.

Foundation is a key step to beautiful skin. It helps erase imperfections, provides coverage and a more uniform radiant complexion. To achieve the look they want, women usually apply foundation to the whole face and complement it with other makeup products.

However, most foundation products are available only in two formats: liquid (in a bottle or tube) and compact powder. There have been only a few notable innovative formats: foundation in a mousse form, foundation as a spray, and more recently, a cushion – which have all shaken up the category by offering convenience and a mess-free application.

Our sponsor, a major beauty company, wants to revolutionize the category and propose new and compelling foundation experiences for women!

Do you want to find new ways to please women and their unquenchable thirst for disruptive beauty products?

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