Hello everyone!

Anne Bradstreet once said "If we had no winter, the spring would not be so pleasant."

February is here so let’s make the best out of it! Grab some hot chocolate and read this article about our talented creator of the month Bogdan!

Can you tell us a bit more about yourself?

Hello everybody. My name is Bogdan Novakovic I live and work in my home town Belgrade where I studied graphic design and illustration at Faculty of Applied Arts. After my graduation I worked in a number of design studios and advertising agencies like McCann Erickson Belgrade where I worked as a designer on many rebrands and advertising campaigns for big brands such as Coca-Cola, Carlsberg, Tuborg, Schweppes, Delhaize, Raiffeisen bank, Halk bank, MTS Telecom, Zepter International, etc.
These experiences gave me the courage to start my design agency and get some free time to go back
to University of Art where I’m currently doing my PhD in Digital Arts. My research is about Virtual and Augmented reality which totally thrills me how it will impact creative industry. I also work with my longtime friend and colleague designer Damjan Jovancic who studied product design in Politecnico di Milano because I see team work as a great way to expand concepts and ideas. I'm also often traveling to Milan, Italy because some of our clients and friends are living there.


How did you find out about eYeka?

We found out about eYeka trough the site Contest Watchers.
We joined and created a profile with my name to see how it looks and decided to participate in a Unilever Nexxus Packaging Redesign contest which looked very interesting because it is a mix of graphic and industrial design fields where we have a lot of experience. A month later we received an email from eYeka congratulating us that we won the first place! We were thrilled! Our first contest on this new website that we discovered recently and we won the first prize!! And now we are doing an interview for the designer of the month! Really incredible experience!


Do you have a creative process? If so, can you share a bit of your secret with our community? Where do you look for inspiration?

When we select a contest that interest us we first do a little research about the brand or product that need to be designed. We find inspiration in many different things, by following other artists in various creative fields such as cinema, modern art culture, music, architecture, technology etc. In our creative process we find it very helpful to use apps such as Pinterest for creating mood boards for the project. As we are on a relation Belgrade-Milan and we are often in different cities we use these modern tools to keep track of each other’s ideation process. We especially like using RealtimeBoard app because we can simultaneously draw and share ideas in real time on a virtual board. We try not to take ourselves very seriously and often find inspiration while joking and drinking a LOT of coffee!

When submitting an entry, how do you keep positive if it is rejected or not selected as a winning entry?

It still hasn’t happened on eYeka but we know that eventually it will because we worked on many projects especially when you work for many different brands and each one has a style and design language of its own. We know that in creative field of work rejection happens a lot and it can be a positive thing because it is also a learning process.

What would you like to achieve (or have already achieved) with the prizes you will win/have won?

Hmm.. We have not yet figured out what exactly we will do with the prize money we won.
We'll probably buy some equipment for the studio. New Virtual reality gear or 3d printer but we are surely determined to participate this year in as many excellent competitions as possible on eYeka.
So ask us again at the end of the year when we won more contests!

How would you describe eYeka?

Very diverse! Every month there are so many different contests for big brands and every contest is like a real pitch in an advertising agency! Very professional and clear briefs! Endless possibilities! Great community to meet and see work of other creators from around the world.

Finally, is there anything you would like to share with our creators (secret, tip…)?

Our secret is work hard but always have fun! We are working in creative industries so ideas come best when you are relaxed and having fun! Read, watch and listen everything can be an inspiration. We are living in a very interesting and dynamic era for creatives where technology is also of great importance!


Thank you very much Bogdan! We're very excited to see what you’re going to come up with next!