Consumers are increasingly looking for more ‘natural’ products with concerns about quality, origin and product benefits. They are looking for natural and pure ingredients, and are trying to avoid products with food additives. Increasingly they are looking for locally and sustainably sourced products, respecting the seasons and fair trade farming.

They want to be healthy and happy, no matter who they are, while their attitude towards the planet and their personal footprint have changed too.

Fruit is gaining importance in different categories, being able to deliver different benefits such as ‘good-for-you’ pleasure, wholesomeness, wellness enhancement, and authenticity.

Various products, like yoghurt, beverages, energy bars and other snacks, are now offering  products high in fruit. Fruit does not just reinforce naturalness, it can also stimulate different senses, provide a mental boost and has a strong appetite-appeal.

What about ice cream with real fruits? It sounds like a perfect way to offer exciting fruit experiences. Especially for millennials, who love exploring the world and absorbing parts of other cultures, who do not just take things as they are offered – they fuse and adapt everything they are exposed to. They are challenging the expectation to be perfect, and enjoy being authentic, open and raw. 

So, the challenge is in your hands: Invent a new, wholesome and indulging frozen fruit product based on real fruit that is different than any existing frozen fruit product or ice cream and millennials will not be able to resist it.  

Format: Presentation with text and visuals – 2 pages max.

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