Imagine the future of work in 2030

As technological breakthroughs rapidly shift the frontier between the work tasks performed by humans and those performed by machines and algorithms, global labor markets are undergoing major transformations. These upcoming changes generate lots of anxious fantasies or dystopias where men are replaced by machines and left unemployed.

The reality is more balanced, and actually, these transformations, if managed wisely, could lead to a new age of good work, good jobs and improved quality of life for all, but if managed poorly, pose the risk of widening skill gaps, greater inequality and broader polarization. Hence, the need to formulate a comprehensive workforce strategy, ready to meet the challenges of this new era of accelerating change and innovation.

People, organizations and even states will be the three pillars of this change. We need your creativity to envision how people and companies will leverage and adapt to the upcoming disruptions to create better work environments.

Given the rapid change occurring across industries, this contest is about looking towards the future and imagining what working will be like in 2030. Can you help?

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