Refresh Yili Xinhuo Formula Packaging

We call boomers the generation of men and women in their fifties who are embarking on a new chapter of their lives. Their children have just gone to college, which gives them more time and energy to enjoy their lives. They have minor health issues but believe they will continue to feel good if they stay active and eat healthily.

However, did you know that every decade after 40 years old, our ageing accelerates? As we age, our nutrition needs evolve, and our diet must follow suit. Adults who are over 50 years old need more nutrients to achieve their goals, hence they have to form new habits.

Yili Xinhuo is the right product for them. It is a Chinese powdered-milk formula that provides the elderly with the much-needed nutrient elements for their body. More specifically, Yili Xinhuo speaks to those who are seeking a sustainable lifestyle. They are conscious consumers, willing to buy and consume products that are aligned with their personal values.

As they get to use Yili Xinhuo powdered milk more often, middle-aged Chinese people have noticed the existing packaging is not always convenient to use. Moreover, when they look at the product on shelves it does not stand out and they do not feel it is a product for them as it looks old-fashioned. Can you help Yili to change that?

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