Design a more convenient and appealing packaging for Yili Pro-Kido infant formula

Yili Pro-Kido Infant Formula is a powdered milk brand for infants and children aged 0 to 6 years old. The brand is mostly present in China and talks to 25 to 35 year-old moms wanting to provide a formula milk as good as breastfeeding. They know the benefit of breastfeeding, but they use powdered milk to supplement and enjoy more flexibility in their lifestyles. Feeding their children takes up part of a daily routine in their active lives in Chinese cities.

Chinese moms take pride in raising their child and they put lots of effort into making them happy and independent. They want to offer the best nutrition to their loved ones, hence, choosing the right milk formula is crucial. Yili Pro-Kido is favored by Chinese moms over other brands because the formula is customized for Chinese babies, precisely designed according to scientific research on the breast milk of Chinese moms.

As they use the product daily, Chinese moms have noticed the existing packaging is not always convenient to use. Opening the box can be difficult, and the ladling system should be improved as it sometimes spills out when preparing the milk. The shape of the can is not easy to carry by hand. Moreover, the design of the packaging is a bit old fashioned and not innovative enough to stand out on shelves.

Yili Pro-Kido needs your creativity to design new packaging that would make the lives of Chinese moms easier. Can you help?

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