Invent new, breakthrough solutions for Lipton Ice Tea lovers who embrace a sustainable way of living.

Millennials are sometimes also called the “purpose generation”. Millennials differ from their parents because they have so many brand options and they choose them wisely. They want to be responsible consumers, for themselves and for the planet. They are likely to buy brands that have a purpose of making a positive difference in society through their products and operations.

Lipton Ice Tea is a fun, optimistic brand providing a ‘better for you’ tasty refreshment with tea. It is a loved brand amongst Millennials, who like the multisensorial Ice Tea experience that naturally awakens your body, mind and spirit. Unfortunately, with every bottled Ice Tea they drink, they end up with an empty plastic bottle in their hand. The makers of LIT don’t want to take anything away from the refreshing experience, but they do want to embrace the many changes they see in the world and in what people choose to eat & drink and reflect that in the next Lipton Ice Tea.

They want to keep Lipton Ice Tea to be a delicious, refreshing drink, yet find alternative ways to make it fit for Millennials that embrace a sustainable way of living; to give people Lipton Ice Tea that fits with their values and aspirations. Can you help to create this new sustainable drink experience?

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