Hi, eYeka, 

We often see how some of you find like-minded people to work with in eYeka contests. Sometimes, these are teams of 2-3 people, friends, couples, colleagues.

This month, we’d like to introduce you to a very creative team from Russia, known to us under the pseudonym m_borovaya. It contains 11 people! A whole creative group that gushes with fresh ideas and is always prepared to take on new creative challenges. Together, these guys also represent the national team of KVN Kaliningrad. This summer, they came to visit eYeka in Paris, and we finally managed to see all the members of m_borovaya and get acquainted with the creators. 

Please tell us a bit more about yourself – what’s your story? What do you do besides your great creations on eYeka? What does m_borovaya mean? 

Hello everybody. First, m_borovaya is "we", not one person. We are a group of like-minded people from the westernmost region of Russia – the Kaliningrad region. Today, there are 11 of us.

It wasn’t like this right from the start. When we first registered for eYeka, there were a few less of us. By the way, our friend Maria Borovaya registered us. So we named the account in her honor.

A year later, we left this platform for the sake of what we’ve been involved in for a significant part of our lives – KVN (which translates as the Happy, Resourceful Club). This is a large-scale competition between so many teams from all over the former Soviet Union and some other countries in the comedy field. It’s because of this involvement that we took up creative thinking.

In 2016, having achieved considerable successes in KVN, we returned to eYeka to try again to apply our skills to “out-of-the-box” thinking and a positive attitude to life.

You have been an eYeka member since 2014. Could you tell us why you decided to join this platform?

We were looking for new ways to translate our creative thoughts and ideas into reality. The eYeka site was shown to us by our friend. It was an unusual experience. But we are so taken by it that we now have no intention to leave. 

Can you share your creative process with eYeka contests? What inspires you? 

All our thoughts and creative processes are based, first of all, in life. Its events, amazing or, conversely, run-of-the-mill situations. We try every time to look at this from a new perspective, to pay attention to those details that are generally left in the shadows of the everyday. And self-development. Constantly reading books, articles, communication with those more professional than we are, people from different sectors. All this translates into unorthodox approaches to tasks, and non-standard methods for their solution.

You have 416 accepted entries and 9 prizes! Many congratulations! How do you do it? What is your working process? 

"Right, there’s a new contest for eYeka! Everyone read the assignment, and today we will discuss it" – that’s how we approach each new competition. Every one. Because we don’t choose individual competitions for one reason or another. We try to take on all of them. It's a new challenge. It’s another way to learn something new in this or that area, to learn all about people living in other countries using products which we sometimes don’t have ourselves.

We read the assignment, study the topic, and then apply one of our ways of collective thinking which KVN taught us. This is brainstorming. Each of us has sheets of paper with a theme (usually a theme = a competition). We write on them anything interesting that comes into our heads. After a set time, we swap sheets, and so topics go round full circle.

After that, we discuss ideas, if necessary, arrange a number of brainstorming sessions, and then put the selected ideas into production (writing, drawing, shooting).

 Do you have a favorite entry that you are especially proud of? If yes, why this one in particular? 

We don’t have any favorite work on eYeka yet. We try to put all our efforts into every one of them. Into coming up with ideas as much as their execution. Of course, we could choose one of those that won a prize. But we even liked many of those that didn’t make it through. It seems our favorite works still lie ahead. What’s more, so far, we’ve never won first place. ;) 

When did you start your life as a creator? 

We’re all lucky enough to have been born with great creative potential. We just had to nurture and develop it throughout our lives. In our team, we’re all good at something. One of us shoots a video, another is great at working with sound, someone covers photography and art, another is good at psychology – we all do our bit. However, no one has done any professional courses in these subjects, or attended any educational institutions. We just draw from life. So we’re constantly learning, understanding new spheres. 

What have you been able to do or to achieve with the prizes you have won? 

So far, the most interesting thing we’ve spent our prize money on is a terrific trip to Paris. There was a time when we won prizes in several competitions. And we immediately decided unanimously to spend the winnings on this trip. To the country, the city where the eYeka office is located, thanks to which we had the chance to see this amazing part of the world.

Actually, this is what we plan to spend our prize money on – travel.

 If you could describe eYeka in 3 words, what would that be? 

We thought about it for a while and came to the conclusion that we only need one word – springboard. Yes, in a word, it’s a springboard. Yet regarding eYeka, we see it as something important to invest in. It’s all about possibility. It’s a chance. It’s a way to step up a gear and take our professionalism, skills and knowledge to new heights. It was thanks to this springboard that we saw new horizons for ourselves, gained valuable knowledge and set ourselves important and ambitious goals. 

And finally, what advice would you give to new creators? 

First, without wishing to be trite – don’t give up. We know people who tried to upload their work to the platform, and when they saw that, after a month or two, they hadn’t succeeded, they quit. As we said above, eYeka is a springboard. And these people just clung on to the handrail and got off the springboard, without trying to step up a gear and reach new heights.

The decision to reach the next level requires patience and self-belief. You need to develop these qualities in yourself.

It’s a competition – so enjoy it. While there are people whose results may sometimes be better than yours, you can learn from your mistakes and develop as a result.

And finally, it’s a dream. The dream to make this world a better place. It doesn’t matter who you are by profession, what kind of knowledge you have – use it all for the common good. Then you’ll be happy with yourself. And you’ll start to win more competitions on eYeka. ;)

Team's Instagram account:  @fishfreshmedia

Facebook: @fishfreshmedia

Some performances of the team in the KVN game in Russia you can see here, here and here 

Many thanks to all your team for an interesting interview! We wish you much creative success on eYeka, as well as in all areas of your creative life!

Good luck!