Make mums stop, notice and consider Demazin in store for her and her family’s cold & flu relief

Demazin has a range of products which help in getting effective relief from the symptoms of cough, cold & flu. It helps in ‘kicking the cold or flu symptoms away’. Demazin wants to be the trusted family brand for effective relief from cold and flu symptoms. This means being considered by the mum of the family for relief from cold and flu for herself, her partner and her kids who are 2 years or older. The decision to purchase is made at the pharmacy/drug store but there are already so many other cold & flu brands available on the aisles as well as their posters and other promotions. How can Demazin stand out in the store and be noticed and considered by mums for themselves and their entire family?

In a disruptive and creative poster with tagline, bring alive Demazin’s idea of ‘kicking the cold or flu symptoms away’ to make mums stop and consider it for herself, her partner and kids

Format: Poster with tagline – 1 page

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