Invent a breakthrough new skill minimizing eyebrow product to achieve natural looking eyebrows

Applying eyebrow makeup (drawing eyebrow shapes and filling in the gaps as needed) to achieve a natural eyebrow shape requires skill and time. Eyebrow makeup also smudges over time during the day and becomes messy. Generally, Chinese women tend to have thinner eyebrows and require eyebrow makeup daily to be able to draw a natural looking shape. How can you minimize the skills required to draw natural eyebrow shapes and make the experience easier for Chinese women through a new eyebrow product, while keeping it smudge-free throughout the day?

Invent a revolutionary new eyebrow makeup product for Chinese women which will help MINIMIZE THE SKILLS required to draw natural looking eyebrows

Format: Visuals and text based on template provided – Maximum 3 pages per entry.

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Jury's Prize

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