An indulgent and multi-sensorial ready-to-drink coffee experienceCoffee is becoming increasingly popular in China. From instant coffee to independent coffee houses, Chinese people have gained more knowledge about it and have started seeking high quality coffee. They don’t see coffee as a drink only for mental stimulation but also as a way to stimulate the 5 senses by experiencing the brewing, aroma to the tasting – the entire process. For Chinese people, coffee has become a symbol of representing the middle class mentality. Additionally, a lot of people don’t buy ready to drink coffee as it just looks like any other packaged drink. It also offers no sensorial enjoyment beyond taste. We would like your help to bring the quality and sensorial enjoyment of freshly brewed coffee into a ready to drink coffee and upgrade its overall drinking experience to attract Chinese people towards it.

Wow us with your ideas for a new ready to drink coffee, to pack the whole sensory coffee indulgent experience in a bottle!

Format: Presentation with visuals and text – maximum 2 pages per entry

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